Tropical, Resort Wear for Women and Men, Catering for Resorts | Arizali

We are designers, manufacturers and retailers. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for over 20 years, we specialize in resort wear for women and men.  Catering for 5 Stars Resorts and tropical wear in general, our range includes kaftans, sarongs, bandannas, scarves, t-shirts and blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, robes, men's shirts and pants, as well as complementary accessories.


Who is behind Arizali?

Nashka Solotareff was born in Lebanon, from a French Lebanese father and a Russian mother. Having been raised in France in an artistic family, she developed a passion for textiles very early. She has worked with Club Med Resorts all over the world, a relationship which first began with her teaching Arts and Crafts and later saw her becoming a Boutique Manager. Since starting her own business in the early 1990's, Nashka's influence come from traditional garments worn in Asian regions, mingled with simple cuts which are the core of French fashion. She explore the whole of Asia researching the most beautiful crafts to incorporate into her designs under the Arizali brand. Using Batik, a traditional print technique used for centuries all around Asia, and combining different textures of fine fabrics, she developed a collection of styles which are light, colourful, elegant and very easy to wear.


What is the meaning of Arizali?

The word Arizali comes from the name of a plant which was used in ancient times to provide a red colour pigment. A French word, -originally "Alizarine"- Its pronunciation doesn't change with different accents or languages. This is fine as Arizali designs reflect a mixture of influences from Asia and Europe.


"Arizali: dedicated to make you feel Fabulous"