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Men Shirt Batik Long Sleeves
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Men Shirt Long Sleeves
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Long Sleeve Shirt Batik
Long Sleeve Shirt Batik

    Long Sleeve Shirt Batik

    MYR 219.00
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    Long Sleeve Shirt Batik

    Made of light and extra soft cotton, printed batik by hand with unique patterns, this long sleeve shirt is ideal to wear in hot weather. Refined details like cuffs with double buttoning, mother of pearl buttons,  make this shirt an exclusive one.






    Collar 37.5cm / 14.75in 38.5cm / 15.15in 39.5cm / 15.5in 40.5cm / 15.9in 41.5cm/16.3in
    Shoulder 44cm / 17.3in 46.5cm / 18.3in 48cm / 18.9in 49.5cm/ 19.5in 52.5cm/20.7in
    Chest all around 108cm / 42.5in 113cm / 44.5in 118cm / 46.5in 123cm / 48.4in 126cm/49.6in
    Back length 72.5cm / 28.55in 74.5cm / 29.35in 76.5cm / 30.1in 79.5cm / 31.3in 81cm/31.9in

    Sleeve Length

    (From Middle Back Till End Of Sleeve)

    84cm /  33.1in

    88.25cm /  34.75in

    90cm /   35.45in

    91.25cm /  35.9in



    • Slim cut.
    • Buttons: Mother of pearl.
    • Back yoke with outside gussets.
    • Long sleeves.
    • Cuff with double buttoning.
    • Curve hem.

    Fabric & Care

    • 100% cotton, super soft.
    • Printed batik by hand.
    • Machine wash cold.

    *REMARK : all batik are unique as they are done by hand.  For that reason, slight differences on print & color may occur...



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