Different names for different type of cuts: here is a guide which may help you choosing the best one to suit your style:

Note a special care have been used for all detailing, all our shirts use mother of pearl buttons. Sizes are based on European sizes, (S to XXXL) but as different Brands use different measurements, we advise to check the product page on the website (www.arizali.com) for the measurements (scrolling down) most importantly chest size, and compare with your shirt laying flat, just below armpit. This measurement is the most relevant.

“Long sleeve shirt”: this one describes exactly what it is: made of a cotton lawn, not too thick for the tropical weather, slim cut, handcuff has a double buttoning to adjust how tight you like it to be on your wrist. The hem is rounded, the collar straight.

“Shirt Ashrul”: a long sleeve shirt, slim cut, there are small slits on the sides and a straight hem. Perfect for a formal party in Malaysia as it is considered a formal type of shirt. Collar is straight. The fabric is the same as for the long sleeve shirt: a fine cotton lawn.

“Shirt Bernard”: another long sleeve shirt, there are 2 qualities of fabrics used to make it: the one called "long sleeve shirt Bernard" is using a fine cotton lawn, slightly thinner than for the "long sleeve shirt". The main differences with the long batik shirt are the fabric (thinner) and the cut slightly looser; the overall effect gives a more casual look. An even thinner type of fabric is used for the shirt called “Shirt Bernard Extra light”: same cut though but the fabric is a cotton voile making it weightless. Bottom hem is rounded, slim cut, straight collar. As the fabric is more delicate being thinner, we advise not to take a size which will be too tight on the body, making the stitching stretch is not only risky to break but the overall look will be much nicer if the style is slightly loose.