A question coming often enough from customers: “what is my size? “

Actually, size is quite a subjective matter as unfortunately, there is no world standard. There is such a thing as “Asian size” and “European size”, but now more and more Brands align themselves with a general size which is even more confusing! In fact, each Brand have their own rules.

Best is to refer to your own wardrobe and compare: what you need to do is to compare chest sizes with our product.

At Arizali Website, we have a description with size measurements for each product. What you need to do is to measure the chest size of your shirt, and compare it with the measurement we have on offer.


this is our Shirt Denis. Chest measurement (all around) is under C. Just below armpit.

Check an existing shirt of yours fitting nicely (important! Not your body, but the shirt itself). Compare with the measurement as shown on the product page. Our sizing: S,M,L, XL.

Then you know what size to order!